Harry Dutton’s Lighthouse Today

The power of the Internet never fails to amaze me! Yesterday evening, I received an email from Mark [last name not given] who is familiar with Metallak Island in Lake Umbagog, the site of Harry Dutton’s camp. It would seem that Mark lives in the area and had seen this blog. He wrote:

 I took this picture of the lighthouse over the winter. The current owner built a gazebo on the old foundation. There has been a mobile home on the island for years. The old foundations are still intact. If I get a chance I will try to get you current pictures of the island.

The two pictures he attached are shown below:

Lighthouse Gazebo

Metallak Island mobile home

This confirms that the two structures seen on the aerial photo of the island (see my blog post below of April 3, 2014) are indeed the lighthouse and the mobile home pictured above.

My thanks to Mark for taking the time to send these interesting photos.


3 thoughts on “Harry Dutton’s Lighthouse Today

  1. Sara Anderson says:

    Really cool!

  2. Elaina Thomas says:

    I own several books from Harry Dutton’s personal library,with his signature,also his daughter Alice’s from early 1900’s. His personal bookplate with his name and a sketch of the camp on the island are inside each book. So interesting to find out the history, see the videos and hear tales of the wonderful summers at the camp.

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