Vacationing at Harry Dutton’s Camp

Dick Morrison is the last person alive who remembers spending the summer at his grandfather Harry Dutton’s camp on Metallak Island in Lake Umbagog. Until he was seventeen years old, he would go there with his family and spend a month every summer. The following videos are clips from family movies in Dick’s possession. These movies were taken in the 1930s and show his parents, his brother, and other members of the extended family enjoying their time at the camp.

In this first video, we approach the camp, as all visitors did, by launch from the mainland. The most prominent feature of the camp was the lighthouse, which according to Dick was a disguise for a large water tank, pumped full from the lake and used to power the camp’s plumbing system.

A summertime visit to the camp offered many types of outdoor activities, including fishing, boating, canoeing, swimming, badminton, and shooting, all of which can be seen on the next video.  In the first badminton clip, Alice (Dutton) Morrison, Dick’s mother, shows her form in the near court competing against her husband, Arthur W. Morrison. In the second clip, the older player on the near side is Harry Dutton’s son-in-law, Erving Morse, who was the last president of the Houghton & Dutton store. The shooters are Dick’s father, brother, and mother–Arthur W. Morrison, Arthur D. Morrison, and Alice. The boy in the canoe with the dog is Arthur D. Morrison.

Dick Morrison has very fond memories of visiting the camp, and has promised to put together a recording describing it in more detail, which I hope to post some time in the future. In the meantime, we will take one more tour around the camp by water before heading back to the mainland. What a fun and relaxing place the camp must have been, for both humans and dogs!


6 thoughts on “Vacationing at Harry Dutton’s Camp

  1. Philippa says:

    I am amazed that you could figure out how to insert these clips in your blog. Such a techie!!

  2. Joie Anderson Interior Design says:

    Loved, loved, loved the badminton!!!

  3. Jeff Anderson says:

    These videos are great! It is a view of a bygone era. Harry’s camp must have been huge. I love the costumes, the dogs and the kid capsizing in the boat. The obviously had lots of fun at Harry Dutton’s Camp!

  4. Thank you so much for posting these amazing videos and descriptions. My father bought the Potter Farm on Lake Umbagog in the late 1960s. After selling most of the land, including the old large farm house and barn, to US Fish and Wildlife in the mid 1990s, my father built a house next to it which we still enjoy today. (

    Jesse Potter lived on the lake in the summers at the same time as your grandfather. She and Dutton certainly would have known each other and likely enjoyed each other’s company. I’ve spent every summer on the lake for the past 40+ years. When I was young, we would canoe to the island and climb around the old stone foundation. Dr. Herbert Gifford and his wife, Dr. Marjorie Parson’s, both of Colebrook NH, spent many summers enjoying the island by living in the existing trailer that is still there today. Dutton’s Island continues to be enjoyed by Romeo Trembley and his wife, who are great friends and a lovely couple. They care for the property with the love it deserves. Seeing the videos bring the grandeur of this lovely property to reality for those of us who still live on the lake. With great appreciation and gratitude for enriching our knowledge of the lake’s history.
    Gail Kilkelly

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