Welcome Dutton Descendants!

After five years of meticulous research, thoughtful writing, and painstaking editing, my father, Joseph Crook Anderson II, has published a wonderful book on the Duttons of Glen Rock. It’s been a privilege along the way to hear his entertaining discoveries (such as the Samose ad on page 44 that teaches customers how to get fat) and his supplements to my great-grandmother’s anecdotes about Houghton & Dutton–the first large department store in Boston–wild family adventures and expenditures including dozens of transatlantic crossings, newspaper articles on the family’s happenings and whereabouts [definitely would have been featured in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous], lavish properties with innumerable buildings, and countless other amusing and insightful episodes. I had no idea we had such an array of colorful ancestors, and I’m very grateful to my dad and great-grandmother for committing this great history to writing.

Since there are so many Dutton descendants around the world, Dad wants to ensure everyone is accounted for (while tightening up the family genealogy, of course), so, aside from showering Pops with praise, the comment section below is for submitting corrections and information on family members missing from the book. Also, if you want to request books, you can email joe@duttonsofglenrock.com with details, and please pass along the email address to anyone who might be interested. In addition, we plan to update this blog with photos, some that weren’t included in the book, so if you’d like to send us your own Dutton pictures, we’d be very happy to upload them here.

I hope to get a Facebook page up soon to increase connections–did you know your 8th cousin lived down the street from you?–but that will take a bit longer. In the meantime, you can “follow” the blog [see left column] to receive alerts on new posts, but first thing’s first: happy reading!



5 thoughts on “Welcome Dutton Descendants!

  1. This is very exciting! Move over Downton Abbey!

  2. Louise Anderson says:

    Lovely job my fabulous father! I hope I can make it in the second edition with some fun scandalous stories of my own.

  3. Patty Anderson says:

    Incredible amount of work! And what fun to know we came from such a colorful past. Congratulations Joe!

  4. Jeff Anderson says:

    It is obvious that Sara has many of the talents of her father having created this terrific blog. I look forward to reading any additional information about the Duttons on the blog (since after reading Joe’s book, I am hooked). I can imagine the delighted surprise of my Dutton cousins when receiving such an unexpected treasure in the mail from Joe. We are fortunate to be descendants of such an interesting and colorful family, as well to have a genealogist in the family who has so wonderfully documented the Duttons for us.

    • Sara Anderson says:

      On behalf of Dad and me, aww shucks. But the truth is that he has done and continues to do all the work and should get the credit! At this point, I’m just suggesting (i.e. goading him into) some technical changes. After the initial post, he’s posted everything himself. I’m very proud of him for everything he’s done with both the book and the blog! Go Pops!

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